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Firstly, I’d like to give a warm welcome to the community. 

Konscious Konduit had been a seedling in my consciousness for a few years before bringing it to life.

I am passionate about creating a community and service that is for all people- from all walks of life. After working with many clients: I have developed an ability that allows me to empathise and adapt easily to peoples needs. I have worked with people who have spent lots of time and money on courses and healing retreats, and I have also worked with people who were completely new to meditation and holistic practises. Some of these clients thought that Meditation ‘wasn’t for them’ or that this kind of work was ‘woo woo’, but we just had to find the right style and approach for them; now they are reaping the benefits.  

I started out in the creative world of theatre, holding space and facilitating workshop, 11 years ago. I am also an artist and singer; I am grateful that I get to do what I love full-time. My spiritual journey and transformation truly began 6 years ago. This involved deep self work, training, learning, un-learning, holding myself accountable and practising mindfulness in my own life. My teenage years were difficult: I had a difficult relationship with my Mother and I lost my Father and Best Friend at a young age. I would numb and suppress my emotions. I took on a ‘need to be strong' mentality. I wasn’t in touch with my true self and would often feel very alone. I used to easily get caught up in victimhood thinking ‘the world was out to get me’. I had experienced panic attacks and bouts of anxiety. Luckily for me, the right guides, teachers and friends presented themselves and I began my healing journey. I had to confront myself, heal and reprogram my subconscious mind. I am now at a point where I am free of anxiety and able to be at peace with ‘what is’. I have a healthy meditation practise that keeps me grounded. I am guided by my heart and intuition with a deep love and appreciation for my body. I am still learning everyday, I am human. But, I certainly feel more balanced and am able to handle stressful situations better. 

For me, it is important that I am ‘In Service’ to others, leading with my heart so that I carry love into everything that I do. I am the signpost and conduit, here to help bring people back into balance. We pay attention to the body, mind, spirit and emotions so that we can become aware of blocks and where we may be self sabotaging.

Through this work you can gain a much deeper understanding of yourself at all levels. I want to empower YOU to make your own changes and decisions, at a pace that is suitable and comfortable for you. 

I offer people a support frame and safe space to explore deep transformation. Everyones sessions are unique to suit them, some like to dive in deep and some like a gentle approach: there is no wrong way, simply showing up and focusing on yourself is an act of self love. I offer the following: Mindfulness coaching, Tarot readings, Guided Meditation, Mind Organisation Techniques, Energy Healing. I also offer Corporate workshops to promote better mindfulness in the workplace; this usually leads to happier colleagues, less stress, better communication and more productivity.

I want to help others to become more aware of themselves, those around them, and their environment. I assist people in getting clear on their values, and releasing what doesn’t serve them, so that they can truly live their purpose and be the best version of themselves. Many are looking outside of themselves for quick fixes, ways to escape and distractions.

I want to help people make sense of difficult emotions and experiences; whilst helping them to shift perspective. When we focus on self love and learn how to self soothe it allows us to transform and live with more balance and harmony.

I aim to get you working ‘with’ the twists and turns of life rather than going against the grain, and feeling like life is always an uphill struggle. I’ve personally gone from letting uncertainty overwhelm me, to being able to surrender in big times of change, so that I can remain grounded and in touch with my higher awareness.

I feel called to help as many people as I can, in these times of change, turmoil and disconnectedness. We need more balance, love, real authentic connection and conscious awareness. We need to be the change we want to see. In times of uncertainty we can work towards regaining control of our inner world.

Remember- You are worthy. 

Get in touch if you are ready to start your unique journey. 

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