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Testimonials: Testimonials

Sinead is a warm & engaging person. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed in our sessions. She has a good knowledge of energy work and the healing arts. She was able to listen to my needs, and create the meditation practise to support them. She used different techniques to target specific areas and helped me with emotional support & guidance. I have been implementing her advise. I highly recommend Sinead to anybody who is interested in furthering their spiritual work.

Sangeeta Lal (Bradford, UK)

Connecting with my own inner child and that of others, has helped with understanding, compassion and forgiveness. My whole body reacted to that, I felt something moving and stirring inside me, it was so cathartic. I feel very safe and supported by you. Your sessions work so well with my healing. A lot of things are shifting and I'm so grateful to you Sinead.

Stefania Pinato (Bologna, Italy)

I have always known that meditation would be a huge part of my lifestyle & had a longing to fully implement it into my daily routine. Sinead guided me with a foundational way to ground myself and protect myself energetically during meditation- in a way that fully resonated, and I will never look back. Working with such a gifted spiritual being is enlightening. Excited for my next booking.

Bianca Gerald (Leeds, UK)

If you want to take back your power, improve and live your life to your highest potential then get in touch with Konscious Konduit. After working with Sinead on a one to one basis for a few months, I can not recommend her enough! I find that a lot of the time I get too caught up in the world around me and situations in life, that I do not focus on myself and my emotions. She tailors the session to you, starting with questions that gauge where you are at in life so that she can pinpoint where she can help. I learnt several breathing techniques, useful techniques to apply at work to reduce stress, anxiety and work overload. Sineads techniques have drastically helped; they gave enabled me to recenter myself and reclaim my energy.

Rachel Collier (Leeds, UK)

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